Smart Trigger: Smartphone controlled wireless shutter release functionality for your DSLR camera

As a photographer you know that using a shutter release remote control for releasing the shutter of your DSLR camera in long exposure shots can be a real hassle sometimes and your only wish is that you had a wireless method of doing so. Now your wish has come true as Smart Trigger completely solves the predicament of remote shutter release cable connection type by giving you the freedom to do so with your smartphone sans any wire connections. Driven by low energy Bluetooth 4.0 this peripheral device works in conjunction with a smartphone app that allows you to release the camera shutter anytime you like or at a specified time. One can shoot time lapse photos or videos too with this device hooked onto your DSLR camera with utmost ease.

Smart Trigger is going to be available for Digital SLR cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, and Panasonic (to check your camera’s compatibility click here) and the compatible smartphones and tablets include iPhone 5, 3G iPad and Macbook Air. It is going to be available for other smartphones powered by Android too once it gains popularity so you better watch out as it will be available in the starting of 2013.

# Smart Trigger your most wanted DSLR camera accessory come 2013



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