Sensus iPhone case brings rear panel touch sensitive surface functionality to iOS devices

A new kind of iPhone case could change the way you use its touch interface and let you control the applications while running fingers on the backside. Yes, like on a PlayStation Vita you control the games with a touch panel on backside of the portable gaming console. This iPhone case called Sensus by Canopy brings this very kind of functionality so that you don’t smudge your screen with finger stains ever. Equipped with dual microprocessors to gather gestures and touch input this case can be used very avidly in gaming, reading and other application that require touch input. The standard protection feature of an iPhone case in case of accidental drop comes courtesy the polycarbonate material which exceeds the standards for drop protection.

If all goes well the iPhone case could be up for purchase in the first quarter of 2013 for iPhone 4/4S price of US $59 and then later on in the year for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation version too. The only problem right now with the Sensus iPhone case is not its functionality or availability rather the developer’s willingness to inculcate support for such touch interface into their applications. If that bit is solved, this case will surely make it to production and finally into the hands of end-customers.

Via: GizMag/OhGizmo



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