Go get the Bumblebee Piggy Bank gift for your kids this Christmas

Got bored with your lame you piggy bank that does nothing more than gobbling up all your money inside its tummy without any extra charm? Then it’s high time you get the uber cool Bumblebee piggy bank for your kids. Featuring two blue LED lights that light up and a sound module which comes alive every time a coin is dropped in it, this piggy bank is one gift anyone would love to own. The sound module and lights can also be activated on will by pressing a button on the forehead for some unintended fun. Perfect for Transformers fans this piggy bank is powered by three AAA batteries.

The sound module has four sounds from the Transformers movie itself and the piggy bank is made from high quality PVC material to make sure it doesn’t break under any circumstances. You can get one for yourself at the discounted prices offered for under $50, so hurry now.

Via: DealDeal



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