Stow ultra-thin foldable iPhone 5 charger that easily slips into your pocket

On the go charging for your iPhone 5 can be a really good feature that docking stations offer, but do you carry them around all the time with you? Probably not because they are bulky and for this very reason Stow ultra-slim dock for iPhone 5 is here to solve all your charging woes if you are a frequent traveler. Its compact foldable form factor makes sure that you can carry it easily anywhere with you and it can plug into any outlet. Once you insert it inside the outlet for power your iPhone 5 can be charged easily while sitting pretty on the dock. The prongs and dock retract back into a very thin form which can be easily out in your pocket or even a purse.

Designed by William Gibbs as a part of his own experience on charging iPhone, Stow came into existence just to solve the purpose of easy iPhone 5 charging sans any bulging out pockets. The pricing and availability of Stow are subject to change once it gets to the production stage but for now we know that it is going to be made from white and grey acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic.



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