ZBand Silent Alarm wakes you up in the morning without disturbing others

Hearing an alarm bang in the morning when you never intended to hear it can be the most irritating thing. For example in situations where you and your partner get up at different times it can be annoying to hear an alarm disturbing your sleep. To get over this problem a project named ZBand Silent Alarm is up on Indiegogo for funding. In essence ZBand is a silent alarm wristband that vibrates to awaken you without disturbing others in the vicinity and works with Android devices. All you have to do is download the free Android app onto your Android device, pair using Bluetooth connection and turn the wristband to reveal 3 toggle mode on top of the screen to set the alarm.

This definitely is one good of wakening up sans any stick from the people sleeping near you or probably in the other room. A simple idea which does a lot more than what any other smartphone or tablet peripheral can do, that is wake you up in the morning by vibrating your wrist.



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