Magic Mirror: Virtual fitting and dressing system to test clothes in different colors without changing them

When you try on any clothing and look into the mirror wondering how it would look in the other color option, the only way to figure it out is by trying the other one too and so on. Now Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) is all set to change that with the Magic Mirror (with kinect color-changing engine and half-mirror touch-panel technology) installed in Uniqlo, three-story store in Union Square district, San Francisco. This virtual dressing room allows the user to see how the clothing will look in different color options without the need to change again and again. The augmented reality system has one large 60-inch display, tablet devices and a camera to detect what the wearer in front of the camera has put on. Then the technology magically changes the selected color of clothing showing how it looks on you which is quite cool.

There are two such magic mirrors placed in Uniqlo’s store with the option to change color of clothing virtually for ultra-light jackets and fleece. The ultimate aim is to change how we shop and see clothing in those large mirrors.

Via: Bizmakoto



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