3D printed TriStand QR iPhone5 Case doubles as ergonomic stand for comfortable viewing

Here is one iPhone5/iPhone 4 stand called TriStand QR-iPhone4/4S case that you would love to own as it brings stylish, rugged and snap on protective case functionality to your iOS smartphone. Made using the much interesting 3D printing technology it lets you fit iPhone5 easily inside its protective housing and ergonomic design allows for orientation in three different setting with adjustable height, including the portrait orientation and 2 angled landscape orientation modes which make typing on your smartphone a comfortable job.

Now coming on to the QR (Quick Response) code functionality of this case, you can exchange contact details by scanning the code from plain text to URL or a virtual business card. Thickness of the case is just 2.5mm (1.5mm on sides) when not being used as a stand as the flip out stands retract back into the casing when not needed. Just imagine the possibilities with this case right from watching movies without holding the phone or enjoying videos on a cozy winter afternoon.

TriStand QR is 3D printed in lightweight plastic polyamide material with the option to choose color from drop down box. TriStand QR iPhone5/4/4S can be yours for €25.00 and once you place the order and choose the color option it will be 3D printed and send right over to your doorstep.



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