Nutella Bluetooth speaker for iPhone spread the chocolaty music in your ears

Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread is surely finger licking good and now the delicacy got even tastier with the music ingredient. A Nutella that plays crisp music is the last thing you wanted when eating is on your agenda and that is exactly what Colette concept store is going to offer come December 2012. A mini boombox for your iPhone that is 10×12 cm in measurement, the box Boom box Nutella is a speaker housed inside a jar looking exactly like the one you have for so many years. The Bluetooth speaker has mini-pots with colored lids and is perfect for a mini party in your living room perhaps. After all spreading the chocolate hazelnut on your toast is going to be even tastier with sweet music in your ears. The price is going to be € 50 ($65) so don’t miss it pals.

Via: Grazia



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