Casio PRG550B-5 watch with triple sensors is a must have for outdoorsy dudes!

In its ProTrek watch category, Casio has announced the PRG550B-5 watch having enhanced tech applications and features, making it ideal for outdoorsy activities & adventures.Loaded with advanced features like altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass; PRG550B-5 comes as one of the newest addition to Casio’s ProTrek range of triple-sensor time watches. Best thing about these three features is their potential of very accurately monitoring nature’s elements and at the same time being excellently equipped for high energy activities.

This men’s watch is an absolute bang for outdoorsy dudes: whether one wants to hike a trail, go for kayaking in wild waters or conquer a mountain, this watch is ideal and a must have for such fun lovers. Casio PRG550B-5 has built-in combo of analog and digital operations like with the Second Hand, a user can read the digital display and also use the needle reference as an indicator for direction, since it also acts as a compass needle.

The Chairman & C.E.O of Casio America, Incorporation; Shigenori Itoh expressed his happiness on the launch of this awe-inspiring watch & was quoted as saying:

We are very excited to launch our newest model, the PRG550B-5, to the Pro Trek Line just in time for the holidays. This timepiece offers all the tools necessary for successful adventures, while continuing to embrace the outdoorsmen like style for our customers, making it the perfect gift for adventure-seekers.

One of the best features of this new watch is the way it works. Like its predecessors, PRG550B-5 watch is eco-friendly and runs on renewable source of energy. It is powered by Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology having a battery life of approximately 6 months without the requirement of sun light exposure and also has a Power Save feature, which enables the watch to power down; conserving energy, when not exposed to light for a certain period of time.

PRG550B-5 does not necessarily requires sun-light or continuous battery for charging, the faux leather and cloth camouflage band held watch can be charged even in low light or bright fluorescent light too. In totality, the 12/24 hour format, water resistant (up to 100 meters), PRG550B-5 watch; fit for adventure seeking blokes is also equipped with thumping features like 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, full auto LED light with afterglow, power saving functions, low temperature resistance (-10°C/14°F) and World Time (29 cities + UTC). So if you want to have it on your wrist, Casio PRG550B-5 will be out for purchase in November, 2012 at the price of US $350, till then enjoy it in the pictures and in your imagination of course.



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