Audi E-Bike Concept for future two-wheeled commuting in crowded streets

E-bike concepts are ruling the roost so to speak these days with designers pushing hard to achieve design cues that will ultimately make it to production in the future. A budding designer Rotimi Solola made use of Audi’s design aesthetics to come up with motorbike concept that is totally powered by electric charge and therefore environmentally friendly too. Rotimi named it as the Audi E-Bike Concept and is pretty sure of the fact that this design is going to the future of bikes with streamlined lines and compact frame making it ideal for city commuting as well as highway riding. As you can see there is no exhaust in the bike because of the electric powered engine and to make the ride comfortable and exciting for the rider there is an extended swing-arm. Audi E-Bike also has a digital display and GPS navigation system which will never let you go astray from your destination.

Via: Leblogdestendances



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