Coyote Case for smartphone protects you when thugs are around

When you are out there on the streets there are many anti-social elements with evil on their mind and these kinds of situations can really be creepy. Especially for women who have to make sure they are not alone in the later hours of the evening. A smartphone case for iPhone 5/4/4S called Coyote Case is up on a crowd funding platform to solve this quandary and make sure that you are always safe no matter what. Made using crucial data from the behavioral research on how a person reacts in stressful situations, this case has multiple alarm functions that activates a 100+ decibel siren sound and sends emergency text messages with your GPS location map to pre-selected contacts in your phone list.

Coyote Case has inbuilt technology including Bluetooth connectivity that does the trick in case you need to push the alarm button or activate the screeching 100 decibel sound. If the case makes it to production stage it will thereafter cost around $120, so either you can contribute by funding the project which makes sure you’ll get Coyote Case for even lesser price or wait till it is finally out for purchase.



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