Pareidolic robotic eye that searches the murky skies for faces just like we do

It’s a natural tendency for us as humans to search for regular shapes like faces in irregular patterns like clouds in the sky. Yes, you might have done it a hundred times in your window pane sitting, gazing at the skies and wondering how nature shapes its own pattern while it is just a paradox that we tend to make more meaningful. Taking things to whole new level product designer Neil Usher has created a robot which does exactly what is mentioned above, that is search for patterns like faces in clouds. Nimbus MkIII is the name of this robot which in more ways that not is a pareidolia robot searching for the cloud filled skies with its keen eyes, taking a photo every time it spots one. This is something really amazing and truly paves way for other applications which take robotics and our imaginations to a new limit.



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