Cordless leg warmer provides cozy warm heat for all you geeks in chilling winter season

Winters are fast approaching and as the cold wave sets in keeping your legs warm is going to be a tough task. Or is it? Definitely not with a hot leg warmer that can be wrapped around the calf area in the form of sheet-like heater wrap from the bottom portion of ankle, knee and leg. Warmer Hot SOLW-0400 by Yamazen in 100% polyester material has a total weigh of 450g and measures 420mm in length making it ideal for carrying around in winters. The heating bit is done by the in-built PTC heater which maintains a constant cozy temperature (varying from 20-35 degree Celsius depending on outside temperature) and the battery operated feature means that it can be used anywhere you want.

Unlike other such similar products there is no danger of having cold burns and is completely safe to use and automatically switches off in around 10 minutes. Apart from that the heated seats are removable so that you can wash it. The price of Warmer Hot SOLW-0400 is around 5,980 yen ($74) which makes it a must have for all you geeks out there.

Via: Kaden



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