WESP personal watercraft will take watersports to a whole new level

Having a yacht or personal watercraft like jet-ski can be loads of but how about a personal watercraft that provides you the exhilarating experience of speed and wind blowing through your hair? WESP has designed a personal one seated watercraft that is inspired by the F1 cars and controlled by the riders own body by tilting swivel motion to the left or right just like a motorbike riders does it. Designed by Daniel Bailey, the WESP watercraft was shown-off at the Monaco boat show where it was well appreciated by the intellectual crowd. Have a look at some unique features followed by the video showing development and testing of this watercraft.

# Some of the features of the WESP watercraft include:

• Racing seat designed for comfort and, speed and functionality
• Wavebreaker that prevents nose-diving of the watercraft and breaks the wave for smooth riding
• Back air vent for smooth internal operations
• 120 horsepower engine coupled with two jet pumps
• Unique turning system for maneuverability at high speeds
• Handles attached to the back part of frame for steady grip
• Hydrofoil Fin for upward lift at the front to keep friction to minimum
• Fin pull up system for optimal beaching and transportation
• One of a kind reverse system

# WESP watercraft in action

Via: Diseno-art



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