Luxury hotel inside a public toilet won’t give you any infections

You won’t believe this; a hotel that is made inside a public toilet in downtown Osaka, Japan is freaking odd. The Nakanoshima Hotel (part of annual Osaka Canvas Project) created by Tatzu Nishi, has one-room facility with all the luxuries inside and the outside is fenced by two separate rivers bang in the middle of city heart. The hotel has got it all, right from freshly decorated flowers to the well-kept bedding, cupboards and couch. And yes, it has a bathroom/shower room too which makes it a bathroom hotel with a bathroom inside!

The twenty-two square meter hotel room is thoroughly disinfected to prevent any infection as there is an accompanying fully functional toilet which people use just as any other regular toilet in the city. This is really innovative and out of the box thinking I must say and people do flock in to see this hotel whenever they are around, so you also enjoy it in pictures.

Via: TheAtlanticCities



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