DIY Electronic Demon costume for this Halloween

Halloween is almost here and the craze for weird or out-of-the-box props is at its pinnacle. Joining the band-wagon of some really interesting Halloween costumes is this electronic demon costume which is surely Damn Geeky. Powered by an Arduino, this funky outfit has a voice changeover interface using the Adafruit Wave Shield and a mask with eyes having LED matrix that changes the expression of the eyes. To make the effect even geekier, voiceover is complimented with LED mouth that responds to the wearer’s mouth movement. Two battery packs are used to do all the fancy stuff with one specifically to power up the speaker amplifier and the other for Arduino or other electronics.

The electronics are placed on top of a plain glass in front of the mask so that LED’s and other wiring can easily be put atop, and to complete the effect full body stocking in black color is used. By adding other props like horns and batman wings the costume is complete to scare people this Halloween. To learn how you can also make one for yourself jump straight over to Adafruit.

Via: TheVerge



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