How about a Transformers Bumblebee costume for this Halloween?

Halloween is always associated with scary props and costumes that are meant to send cold chills down your spine. But it’s time to do something different this Halloween, don’t you think? A Transformers Bumbelbee costume would be that something different for sure. Made by Travis Culling of AZCostumes, this 9.5 feet-tall costume is made from wood, latex paint and flexible foam. Having drywall stilts make sure that you look tall inside this costume which also has LED lights and headlights for standing out in the night time.

Now coming on to the flame-thrower powered by butane and shoots flames 3 to 4 feet in the air for a spectacular show-off. Now if you like this costume you can buy it right off Etsy for $9000 with shipping charges extra of-course!

Via: TechnaBob



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