MP3 player that converts vinyl record or cassette tape audio into digital format on the go

Do you have a very old collection of cassettes or vinyl records that you so want to play but abandon the idea just because it would sound so pre-historic! Not anymore, as this MP3 player that converts vinyl record and cassette tape audio into digital format on the go. Without the need for a laptop/PC and a software for the same, it allows you to just convert the music files with touch of a button and store on a SD card or USB memory without a hitch. The converted files can then be played on your gadgets such as iPhone, iPod or iPad. Not only that this MP3 players has high end speakers so that you can listen to the files instantly and yes if you are bored listening to your files then you can enjoy the in-built radio too.

There is a separate slot to put in the cassette on the side of the MP3 player and vinyl record can be put on top when needed. This compact MP3 player can be yours for 7980 Yen ($100), and if you are pondering how it looks, just check out these pictures.



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