Scout BTS Bi-Ocular Thermal Night Vision Camera

For hardcore outdoor enthusiasts and adventure junkies who want to have a thermal camera to keep track of hiking or hunting parties in the darkest of nights, see animals in the densest of fog, navigate in dense smoke and want to have goodness of night vision cameras all in one; nothing can be better than Scout BTS Bi-Ocular Thermal night vision camera. As comfortable as a set of binoculars, this thermal vision camera has a full coverage eyepiece, inter-ocular adjustment, ergonomic comfort, straightforward controls and interchangeable quick disconnect lenses for the best viewing experience. Specifically designed for fish and game officers, forest service rangers, fire lookouts, search & rescue, ranch management, professional guides, expert outdoorsmen and trackers, this piece of equipment will never let you go astray even in the most adverse conditions.

# Scout BTS Bi-Ocular Thermal night vision camera features that stand out from the rest

• Three lens options- 100mm, 65mm or 35mm means that you can choose the extended range functionality for optimum viewing with the ability to quickly swap between lenses courtesy the quick-disconnect modularity.

• Having 320×240 resolution in viewfinder, 2x digital e-zoom mode, 640×480 core and additional 4x digital zoom the thermal imaging camera is state-of-the-art.

• Captive low-profile lens caps and rubber sleeves help protect the lens surface while providing excellent grip.

• Quick release hot-shoe for access to AC power instantaneously and a latched battery door for fast and easy access to exchange of batteries.

• Ability to capture both photos and video is standard on all Scout Bi-Ocular models. One-touch recording frees up hands to focus and zoom.

# Scout BTS Bi-Ocular Thermal night vision camera in action



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