Solar-powered wristwatch can also be charged with fluorescent light

The concept of solar powered watch isn’t new, but how about a watch which can even be charged in the Arctic where sun wouldn’t shine for months simply with fluorescent lamp or desk light? Such is the prowess of Solar Run DN-81378 wristwatch manufactured in Shanghai, China. The wristwatch features an integrated solar panel and a wonderful power saving option which stops the movement of the watch when not powered for three consecutive days. The watch lets the user check the battery level anytime, and also allows the user an option to charge it with desk lamp or a fluorescent light at home or office, in days when sunlight isn’t available.

With the Solar Run DN-81378 wristwatch you don’t need to worry about overcharging because the watch is equipped with overcharge prevention meter. The user by pulling out the winding wheel can also keep a check on the battery level.

The dial and display of the watch is really basic. While the khaki mesh fabric strap makes the design military-inspired, the round dial keeps the looks really simple. Measuring 40mm thick × 13mm in diameter, the wristwatch weighs 40g and is available from Donya in white, khaki, orange, red and black colors for 2,999 yen (approx. $40).



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