A Plus Pillar concept gives eyes to a driver’s blind spot

Industrial design student Sang Hu Lee feels blind spot is the worst part of driving and a cause for many accidents on road. A reason the Jeju National University student has conceptualized the idea of A Plus Pillar, which can be a solution to many road mishaps. While driving a person is unable to see a pedestrian or a vehicle approaching when negotiating a turn to the left or the right because of the thick A pillar on either side of the windscreen. This is the problem A Plus Pillar tries to solve. A Plus Pillar features a display built on to the pillar on the inside of a car, and a camera is installed on the outside, which sends images of the scene outside in real time for the driver to see.

The driver with the A Plus Pillar display on the side pillar can recognize the scene outside of the window and drive cautiously avoiding any mishap. To make things really natural, the display senses the driver’s eye gaze using a facial recognition camera built in the car. This makes sure the angle and direction of the exterior camera do not coincide with the driver’s real vision.

Via: SparkAwards



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