Dough Globe encourages you to make good dough or the computer game difficulty will spoil your bread

This is no ordinary game toy as it takes the sour dough making procedure to a whole new fun filled technical level. Mint Digital has created the Dough Globe, integrating the vessel for dough making with computer game makes it very interesting for the user. The main focus is on creating the perfect dough because if you go astray then ultimately the game integrated with the Dough Globe is going to get tougher and tougher. The toy has built-in sensors which measure the intensity of chemical reactions in the dough to determine whether it is good or not; which in the end is determinant in the difficulty level of the game.

Now clearly this is a very new way of setting up the difficulty level for the game as it depends on the input from your prowess in making dough. Not only that, if you get high score in the game then Dough Globe will reward you with a recipe which will be kept in your recipe book. So in essence, the more you get accustomed with dough making and learn to play the games connected to your computer, better your bread will taste.



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