Tonboenpistu Yulasha: A pen that will never topple over and fall down

Doesn’t it frustrate you when you put the pen on side of your desk after writing and it falls down because of elevation to one side or a little nudge from hand? Surely it does and it can affect your concentration. For this very reason Tonboenpistu has come up with a pen called Yulasha, having counter-weight at the end so that it doesn’t topple over even on the steepest of elevated desks or hardest nudge possible. In a way it sticks to the table or desk applying the principle of roly-poly. The pen will cost 315 Yen ($3) and will be available for purchase from tomorrow so you better get your hands on it.

The pen has an embedded weight of 6.5 grams on one side of the axis of the pen body which helps keep this pen firm on any surface without the danger of toppling over as gravity pulls the weight down and thereby preventing from any unwanted rolling over.

Via: Nikkei



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