World’s first paper notebook with integrated mobile charger and more

For geeks who like to take note of everything in a physical format, for example in written format on a notebook; this MiLi Power Notebook (HB-B24) is just the thing to buy. Deemed as the world’s first notebook with the ability to charge your mobile phone and other gadgets on the go, it has built-in input (USB2.0 port) and output cables (MiniUSB port) to charge up to two mobile phones simultaneously. The in-built battery pack can be charged with a 30-pin dock connector and for charging your smartphones, tablet or any other gadget the micro USB does the trick. LED indicators display the amount of juice left in this notebook’s battery and with an overall weight of 500 grams it is the best thing to carry around for charging your gadgets on the go.

And yes, it does have the contemporary notebook paper (wood free), card and pen slots too. MiLi Power Notebook (HB-B24) is priced at $80 and will be available online at iPhone Mag Store, limited to 50 books, so if you like it better order it now.



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