Wireless mouse + Wireless keyboard + Remote control = Fly-mouse remote control keypad

Now you don’t need to carry around your wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and TV remote control or work with them separately as this is a three-in-one Concept Fly Mouse Remote Control Keyboard/Mouse (SRS-207) also known as Fly-mouse remote control keypad capable of providing all these three functionalities in one. Yes that’s exactly what this small little product does. Designed intuitively to house-in the conventional keyboard keys like Enter, numerical, alphabet and more; this wireless keypad functions as a wireless mouse too. When you are not working on your desktop or laptop it can then be used to control your digital TV as a remote control. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Fly-mouse remote control keypad has a range of 15 meters which should be good enough for the biggest of rooms and the compatibility with Windows XP (or later OS) and Mac OS X makes it a must have for every geek out there. Though I’m not sure where the mouse right click, left click and scroll buttons are, but I think they are either in the middle of the keypad mouse or on the top sides. The pricing of this remote control keypad mouse is negotiable as the seller wants you to quote the price and then the final price will be determined by the end of this month depending on all the recommendations.

Via: Weiku



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