£90,000 Formula 1 simulator lets you drive a real F1 car on any circuit in the world

Formula-1 is a high-end racing extravaganza and there are only a few elite drivers who have had the privilege of driving F-1 cars. But these days simulators and gaming consoles put you right amidst the action, giving you the feel of what exactly high speed professional racing is. Now joining the bandwagon of high-end racing simulators that give you the feel of the real thing is this £90,000 Formula 1 simulator! The custom made Formula-1 simulator can be made according to your personal choice in team colors and logos complete with the Formula-1 car made from composites, Pirelli F1 tires, realistic cockpit, real F1 steering wheel, carbon fibre details and machined from high grade alloys; exactly as real Formula-1 car would be made.

For the visual simulation there are three panning 23 inch TFT screens and for audio realism there are 5.1 channel stereo speaker towers. The whole virtual reality environment is created by a high-end PC having Intel Core i7 processor, Intel SSD hard drive, Triple head graphics card, 16 GB RAM, 1200w PSU, Windows 7 (64 bit Professional Edition), wireless keyboard and integral mouse.

Now the most amazing bit is that engineers will visit your house, setup the whole thing and give valuable tips on how to drive like a champion. Once you have spared this whooping sum of money to buy this Formula-1 simulator, it will take 12-18 weeks for delivery.

According to Simon Harvey, Group Chief Executive of FMCG International Ltd.

These cars really the ultimate big boys toy. Drivers are fully absorbed into the virtual environment created from sitting in our simulator. The large screens create a precise driving experience and drivers can choose from all the current F1 teams.

Via: DailyMail



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