i-Pen reveals vital information from map as you point to any city location

Don’t you get confused whenever you are on a never before visited tourist location and all you have is a map with the references of places? Surely you do and that is why this i-Pen electronic pen coupled with the Ya era Coin Guide provides you with a voice guide on each and every location specified in the city map of Asakusa. All you have to do is select the language with i-Pen (Japanese, Chinese or English) from the top left hand side if the map and then point the pen towards the specific location, main facilities, roads or landmarks about which information is needed. This new service is targeted towards tourists visiting Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree on foot as tourist walks are the main attraction of the city and as a newbie to this city you might not be able to find a personal guide at all times.

The service is started by One Coin Guide shop era and the rental for this i-Pen is 500 Yen ( $6) with 2000 Yen ($25) security deposit which is then returned once you return the electronic pen. In awe of this amazing experience to explore the city you’ll get a dedicated Mochikaereru map as a memorial to this journey. The service is slated to expand as more Coin Guide Centers open in collaboration with local tourism facilities and affiliated stores.



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