Bluetooth Keyboard case for the new iPad for ergonomic comfort and protection

So you have got the new iPad 3rd generation and obviously to protect it you need a rigid casing too. And not to mention the wireless keyboard accessory so that you can type comfortably wherever you want to. A good idea would be to get an iPad case that doubles as a wireless keyboard too and that is exactly what this integrated Bluetooth Keyboard case TK-FBP048ECBK by Elecom is. Having a 3.0 Bluetooth enabled keyboard that appears or retracts at the touch of a button makes this iPad case a must have for all of you out there. When you want to use the keyboard the one touch operation makes sure that the stand automatically rises and provided you a cool ergonomic comfort for typing.

When not in use the keyboard is housed on the back side of the iPad, not interfering with the touch operations or other things like carrying around. The built-in lithium-ion battery can be recharged about 500 times by connecting to PC via the USB cable and the indicator is there to let you know when the juice out of the keyboard is running out. The weight of this iPad case is around 540 grams which should not be much of a hassle and the price of 16,884 ($210) seems completely justified for the dual feature it provides.

Via: Elecom



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