TruPluse Bluetooth speakers that produce 360 degree sound form any solid surface like glass

Yes it does look cool and has amazing sound to boast-off. But that is not the standout point of this speaker. The USP is its ability to turn any surface into a sound emitting speaker provided that the surface should be solid and has the ability to resonate sound. The pair of TruPulse Bluetooth speakers provide you with true 10W crystal clear audio and the ability to synch with Bluetooth devices means that you stream audio via your gadgets wirelessly from quite a distance without any honky dory. Using the latest technology for emitting sound using vibrations makes them Damn Geeky, fit for the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

This revolutionary technology that produces sound by vibrating the solid surface provides natural 360 degree immersive music as opposed to traditional means which push the air vibrating through it. The TruPulse speakers produce omnidirectional sound that resonates through surface like glass, wood, plasterboard etc.; producing soothing music like you have never heard before. With color option ranging from the cool blue to the girly pink and the manly black; the TruPulse speakers can be yours for $75. If you want to go for the more powerfull TruPulse King Kong Silver speaker then it will set you back $95, but it will provide a thumping output of 26w for the extra dollars.



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