Compact keyboard with mouse for iPad and iPhone fits in the palm of your hand

The Bluetooth Keyboard case for your new iPad was a big hit with geeky blokes and if still the retractable keyboard wasn’t small enough for you then we have got something that is surely compact and solves dual purpose. This Bluetooth compatible compact QWERTY keyboard also doubles as a wireless mouse and measuring only 60x110x20 mm and weighing 70 grams, makes it one of the lightest keyboard mouse to carry around in your pocket. DN-YKB-50K Mini BT Keyboard can be used with the latest iPad and iPhone versions (iOS 4.0 or later), PlayStation3 and PC having a separate Bluetooth receiver (apart from the built-in Bluetooth). The keyboard also has dedicated iPhone and iPad Hotkeys for increasing the efficiency.

The mouse in form of touch pad is located on the upper right body of the keyboard and can be operated with light strokes of fingers on top of the optical sensor. Priced at 2999 Yen ($37.36) makes this mini keyboard with mouse functionality a perfect holiday gift for your geek friends obsessed with Apple products.



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2 Responses

  1. eetrew says:

    so how do i order this if I don’t speak Japanese?

  2. Omar says:

    I would like to order like 10 of these!!! But i wonder if they do international shipping. I went to the website and made Google translate it, although I only got as far as the shopping cart.

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