Cocolo Bear speaking stuffed toy controlled by your iPhone 5

Japanese product manufacturers always have this uncanny knack of developing products that are what I call as “Extraordinarily-out-of-the-box”. This one falls in that very category just like the Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse doll featured a few days ago. The Cocolo Bear stuffed toy by Cube-works is a perfect gift for your tech savvy kids this Christmas as it has a smartphone docking slot right where the heart would be. Somewhat like the Iron Man’s Arc reactor, as soon as you place your Android (2.2 or higher) or iOS (4.3 or later) smartphone in the slot it brings the teddy bear to life. In the smartphone the app interface that supports the functioning of this toy you’ll find many options, one of them is the ability to take up calls with the toy moving the mouth as if it was speaking to you.

Not only that you can record your own sound using the toy which then later on speaks out the whole sentence with precise mouth movements. The Cocolo bear can also speak around 600 words indexed in its memory. The toy will be released this month in two color options: Brown and Beige; and will be priced at 4935 Yen ($62).



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