Swivel iPad stand attaches to any LCD/LED screen for that ergonomic comfort

You have a tablet and want to have it at all times near your desktop when you are playing games, working on office documents or maybe having a look at your collection of photographs. The best thing would be to have a swivel arm like rig attached to the LCD screen which holds you iPad in place for easy access at all times. This VESA 100-MR067 LCD display tablet stand is made specifically for 7-12 inch tablets and can be mounted easily on the back side of your LCD or LED desktop display for that ergonomic and stylish moving around of the tablet according to your seating position.

This product is very useful for people who want to work on their desktop as well as check out all the incoming updates on their tablet at the same time the easy way. You can also purchase this LCD display stand for just 6,480 Yen ($82) and make your geek life more stylish and ergonomically comfortable.

# VESA 100-MR067 LCD display tablet stand

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