Flower Headband stereo earphones for fashionable chicks

Here we have got something for all the geeky chicks who like to have gadget accessories laden with style and comfort. This beautiful flower headband with canal earphones makes sure you can listen to music via your music enabled devices while being fashionable on the streets. Having a 3.5 mm jack the Flower Headband direct Sanwa 400-HS031SV stereo earphones have support for music enabled devices and smartphones like iPhone 5, Sony Walkman series MP3 player, iPod touch and many more. You can opt for the silver, gold or girlish pink headband earphones with the matching ear buds in the same color.

You can buy these Flower Headband direct Sanwa 400-HS031SV stereo earphones for just 980 Yen ($12) which is an attractive price for a tech accessory that solves dual purpose of fashion statement and listening to music without the need to carry an extra pair of earphones with you.

Via: Oshiete



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