Light-weight mini travel mouse the size of a cookie is perfect for portability

When you are travelling the foremost thing you crave for is to carry the minimum weight around with you and compactness is paramount for portability. This Travel Mouse 400-MA041 by Sanwa has a retractable cable which winds up on the sides of the mouse itself so that you can carry it easily in your pocket or use it as a key-chain too. Having a thickness of 15mm, length 72mm, width 45mm and weighing 25g makes this mini mouse a must have for frequent travelers who want to stay away from the hassle of carrying those bulky over-weighed mouse with them. The mouse has support for Windows 8 (and earlier versions) and Mac OS X too.

The read method of this mouse is optical sensor system with resolution of 1,000 Dpi. Price of 1280 Yen ($16) makes this small keychain mouse a good deal. But the only thing I wished it had is the wireless connectivity option because the winding up cable might break up with use with usage.



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