Steampunk Chronometer watch reminds me of rare Victorian Era collectibles

Amidst all the exotic watches and exquisite timepieces when you see a DIY watch that is completely drenched in steampunk’ish make, it definitely stands out. This watch called by the makers as Chronometer “In search of lost time” is made completely from copper, brass, magnifier lens, lens door viewer and other little components giving it that old Steampunk look which is quite geeky. Now you would ask that why use a lens door viewer and magnifier lens as the dial glass cover for a watch. Well, it was done to give the map on the dial a 3D look, or should I say depth of field with a convex look. The watch movement is actuated by a very accurate quartz Seiko chronograph and the strap of this watch is in an old, dark green color to compliment the overall look and feel. Check out some more pictures of this cool Victorian era like Chronometer watch that will surely turn some eye balls.



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