iPhone 5 case that’ll protect your loved smartphone against the harshest of impacts

So you have got a new iPhone 5 for yourself and now on the lookout for a case that can provide it robust protection even in the event of most ugly impact situations. Then there is no reason for you to buy an iPhone 5 case that looks good but is rendered useless when it comes to protecting your iPhone 5 from all possible angles. This Ip5 RokShield V.3 Case made from an injected polycarbonate frame (elastomer non-slip grip Thermo plastic) is honed by shock-absorbing rubber bumpers to protect your iPhone 5 in any hard impact situation like dropping from a few floors or getting hit by a runaway car!

The iPhone 5 case also comes with a magnet that is covered with a double tape in case you want to hook your Apple smartphone onto iron surface just for a bit more added functionality. The case is designed in such a way that you can also attach it to remote mounting system in your car. Ip5 RokShield V.3 Case by Rockform comes in a variety of multi-color options including Black/red, Black/Blue or the blingy Pink/Black. It will cost you 5250 Yen ($65) which seems a justified price for a case that will safeguard your iPhone 5 from the occasional drops.



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