SSR-X PC case mod inspired by elite U.S fighter jet planes

A PC case mod design to acknowledge the workers at AFFTC Det3 and inspired by the most elite U.S aircrafts; Northrop Grumman B-2a and Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird was surely going to be interesting. And now that it has finally been completed by Dave Biro (aka Cleveland216) and aptly named as SSR-X PC case mod, it definitely is one PC case every geek would want on his/her desk. Made from aluminum and carbon fiber-titanium composite skin, the geometrically challenging design of this futuristic war aircraft like PC case mod was a challenge that Dave took on head on and finally came up with this thumping aviation inspired project featured on Bit-tech.

To make the blueprints of the complex design that would house all the hardware components like motherboard, processor, RAM, power supply etc. Dave made a 3D rendering of the model in Google Sketchup and then set out on making the SSR-X PC case mod by cutting the aluminum sheet and then welding it carefully to make the basic structure. He even used the resin infusion process for molding and curing carbon fiber which apparently has been used in a PC case mod for the very first time.

Honed by a dual water cooling system for GPU and CPU, the PC case also has a jet turbine build for RC models JetCat USA fixed on the back side. To compliment all the powerful hardware fitted inside this PC case there are caution signs, spray paint details and LEDs to make it come to life.

Via: Forums.bit-tech


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