Time Twister 2 Lego digital clock shows time and makes lot of noise too!

DIY digital clocks always seem to capture the imagination of creative DIY’ers and Hans Andersson is one of them. Combining Lego and digital timepiece concept, Hans made his own Time Twister 2 Lego digital watch that shows time in Lego bricks. Made completely from Lego blocks, Mindstorms NXT Controllers and servo motors also made from plastic Lego materials; Time Twister 2 is simply awesome. This clock shows you time in real time as the Lego bricks in two colored format; yellow and black makes sure that you see the exact time even from a great distance away from the clock. Each digit in this clock is made from seven segments connected by a chain and created in such a way that each block can rotate 180 degrees without affected the adjacent blocks.

Using only a single motor the clock adjusts the segments in such a way that you get to see the exact time as it traverses. Time Twister 2 measures 117cmx46cm and weights 8 kg which is quite heavy for a desk clock, but that is understandable as it has servo motors for the functioning. The only thing that bugged me out about this DIY digital clock is the noise it makes constantly and as the digits change it takes too long to do so. Probably the reason why seconds are not shown in this digital clock; but that is completely acceptable as this clock took a lot of effort and creativity to make.

# See how Time Twister 2 shows time and makes noise that is a bit weird

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