Raspberry Pi Powered Wearable Computer glasses that you can also make

If all the hype of Google Project Glasses is getting under your skin because of the high price of $1500 then Raspberry Pi computer might be the apt antidote for it. Interestingly you can build your own wearable computer glasses for just $400 and once you have them you can easily browse the internet wirelessly, type documents, connect to web server or simply check emails. Running the Raspbian Linux OS, these pair of DIY glasses run on rechargeable batteries, wireless thumb keyboard having a built-in touchpad and other components. According to Meztek, the maker of these Raspberry Pi Powered Wearable Computer glasses, when you are not using them they can also double as a cool fashion accessory.

Although I doubt the extremity of that claim as they a bit too raw to be called a fashion accessory.
As compared to Google Glasses these glasses cover your eyes completely so that the outer world is out of vision and you can concentrate on the experience of surfing web. According to Meztek he has plans of incorporating a camera into these glasses in the future so that the user can keep an eye on what’s happening behind him/her. You can also venture out on making these Raspberry Pi Powered Computer glasses by following the complete instructions provided over at Instructables.

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