Microscope and Note Detector with LED for iPhone 5 provides 60 times zoom on miniscule objects

Get ready for some microscopic action with your iPhone 5 as you go on scanning for miniscule objects and checking watermark of paper notes. This Microscope with LED for iPhone 5 (Model No. IPA-IP5MIC) by OTAS is a cool accessory that turns your iPhone 5 into a full blown microscope with its powerful lens. To make sure that you are able to see things very clear and sharp, there are two LED lights attached to the lens. With the ability to magnify things 60 times more than what your iPhone 5’s built-in camera can shoot clearly in zoom mode, this is a must have tool for geeky scientists who like to take every little thing under the scanner.

One can save the photos or videos taken from this attachment on the iPhone 5 itself for analysis later on, which is a good feature. Weighing a mere 35 grams (including the weight of LR1130 battery) and measuring 3.7 x 4.1 x 1.7 cm makes it a very handy accessory to have with you always. The Microscope with LED for iPhone 5 comes at the price of 2980 Yen ($36) but you can buy it for $17 by clicking here.

Via: ITMedia



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