Toshiba quadruped walking robot for nuclear disaster relief operations

Who can forget the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster that was prompted due to the Tsunami initiated by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th. Now to carry the investigation of the affected area it is obvious that human involvement would not be safe, for this very reason Toshiba has developed a quadruped robot that is capable of walking at the speed of 1km per hour and carrying put all the research needed. The robot runs on wireless radio operation has a camera and dosimeter for searching the uneven terrain. Weighing 65 kg and being battery operated, providing it a continuous 2 hours of walking makes it a perfect assistant for all the dirty work that is too dangerous for humans to embark on. The robot also has a small vehicle self-actuated robot on top of it for hard to reach places.

Toshiba Press release:

For the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Company has developed a four-legged robot to carry out research and restoration work in the places where people can not work.

Newly developed robot is equipped with a camera or a dosimeter, it is nuclear work robot situational awareness in the building that can be remotely. Due to the structure and articulated the algorithm that controls walking in the steps and uneven terrain that we have developed, as well as walking while avoiding obstacles in the four legs, you can get down the stairs, a robot crawler type wheels and conventional it is possible to work in hard-to-reach place was. In addition, we have also developed a small vehicle a wired connection from the newly developed robot, shooting a state of piping, equipment, facilities and structures located in the shadow of the tip of the narrow road.

We developed robot technologies work We will continue to improve so that it can respond and installation of the shield carrying, water stop work, the behavior of the application, such as carrying out an obstacle.



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