Oru Kayak folds into itself and is inspired by the art of origami

Have a look at this folding Kayak up on Kickstarter platform and no wonder it surpassed the funding goal of $80,000 by almost double the amount with 27 more days still to go! Called as Oru Kayak: The origami folding boat designed by Willis caught everyone’s eye, as it folds into a compact box in a jiffy so that you can carry it around like a bag anywhere. The inspiration of-course is the art of origami and perfect for adventurers who like to high the rough seas in their kayak with minimum hassle of transporting it to the remote locations.

Made from a single sheet of double-layered plastic, the single seam is secured with a watertight rubber gasket with the solid ribs offering strength and rigidity. Oru Kayak weights 25 lbs in total and can accommodate a person up to 260 lbs in weight. With a rigid case measuring 33”x29”x10”, the kayak has comfortable foam seat and backand rest.

Oru Kayak is going to sell for an estimated $800 as soon as hits production lines since it has made through the initial funding phase, so you better keep and eye. Even better go and pledge certain amount on Kickstarter for this project and you can get some more goodies with this amazing kayak.

Via: FastCoDesign


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