iPhone chargering INO Bike concept becomes exerciser indoors

Bicycle is one of the most useful as a means of transportation; almost all of us use it to get to close destinations and to keep fit. We also tend to station our bikes indoors, perhaps because of risk of damage or theft outdoors, but it consumes a lot of space indoors. Enter INO BIKE – a bicycle concept by IDEA LAB members SEO Junhee, KIM Kwihwan, SEOK Taeho and KYUNG Yonghyun, which when parked indoors can double as a stationary cycle-exerciser in easy three-steps. INO Bike has a smartphone/tablet dock (compatible with iPhone and Android devices) which powers the docked devices by converting kinetic energy produced by pedaling the bike (both in stationary and running movements) into electrical power. The docked iPhone (or other devise) can be used to store your performance on the bike, while exercising or traveling.

INO BIKE designed more importantly for small apartment owners, as it solves the problem of space that occurs when you keep your bike indoors. The INO BIKE is a solution because in three simple folds the bicycle can be transformed into exercise equipment for you indoor exercising regime. The bike doesn’t only transform into an exercise machine, but at the same time also save space indoors, that can now be used for other purpose. Designers believe the INO BIKE could see the light of the day in 2014. Hit the jump to see how the transforming mechanism works in the bike.

Via: SparkAwards



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