Survival Wrist band that’ll save your life in case things get absurd during adventure trips

As an adventure and hiking junkie you very well know that the least possible gear you have to carry around during any grueling trip, the better it is. But the trade-off is that you have to give up on things that might be important. For such times a wrist band that doubles as a survival accessory comes very handy as it solves dual purpose. The Survival Bands by Re Factor Tactical are special operations gear for adventure seekers who like to carry minimal weight with them. Featuring a can opener, fishing line, fishing hook, flint starter rod, 12 inch of 550 Paracord, handcuff key and a buckle with built-in whistle; this Survival Band is a must have for hikers and people who like to explore deep woods for days or even weeks.

Now the paracord can be useful for a number of things like shoe laces, weapon sling, repairing equipment, fire bow, shelter, animal snares, bottle holder, emergency stiches, dental floss or anything that might cross your mind when the there is an emergency and no one is around to help.

The Re Factor Tactical Survival Band and Tactical Operator Band will cost around $50 and you can purchase it right off the product website.

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