DIY Pocket-sized Raspberry Pi micro arcade machine is freaking small

Raspberry Pi is the new weapon for hackers and modders to come up with stuff that is damn cool, even though it might not be the most powerful computer to go nuts about. And now we have a miniature arcade gaming machine running games like Bubble Bobble, Nemesis and Robotron using the MAME gaming emulator software. This miniature gaming arcade cabinet has a 2.4 inch 320×240 pixel LCD display with a very cool looking transparent make which makes it very attractive. The top of the LCD display has a small 128×32 white OLED which displays the logo of game being currently played on the machine.

It also features two speakers to deliver that squeaky sound from the gameplay and of course the joystick and four buttons, just like in any arcade gaming machine. No bigger than an average deck of playing cards, this Raspberry Pi game arcade is truly an amateur DIY’ers dream project. The maker [Sprite_tm] used old cell phone batteries for the portability and also installed a charging circuit so that you use it anywhere sans any wires.

As you know Raspberry Pi is becoming a popular circuit to experiment around with and the price of around $35 is also not that expensive which gives the liberty to modders, DIY’ers and hackers like [Sprite_tm] to come up with such amazing stuff. [Sprite_tm] calls this awesome pocket-sized arcade machine as the Raspberry Pi micro arcade machine and if you also want to venture out making one for yourself, jump straight over to the project page to learn more.

Via: HackADay/Liliputing



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