How about a Remote controlled Transforming Robot toy for uber cool Christmas gift ?

Remember the toy-sized prototype transforming robot by Keniji Ishida that took a way bit longer to transform from and into a vehicle? Well, it looks like a better one is out there to bamboozle us all. Brave Robotics has revealed that they are going to show off their production version Autobot Transformer robot at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2012 next week, which means we could soon be able to purchase one as soon as it hits the market in the next couple of months. This 1/12 scale model of the real Transformer is 3D printed and has a WiFi camera so that you can see the robot’s eye view on your smartphone or tablet like the Apple iPad courtesy a bundled app that will come with the robotic toy.

It can fire plastic missiles at you and the transformation from robot to a cool vehicle and vice-versa happens within a few seconds unlike some other similar robots that were built in the past. The Autobot Transformer will come with a wireless controller and power supply to charge it up. And yes a briefcase too, so that you can carry it around with you. No revelations on the pricing yet, but we can expect to have some more information during the Maker Faire Tokyo 2012 , so watch out for more updates on this story at that time.

Via: HobbyMedia/GeekyGadgets



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