Buffalo BSKBB15 foldable keyboard for smartphones tablets and everything else

In a world dominated by tablet and smartphones, the accessories that come for them are even more popular with geeks who want that extra functionality and ease of use. This foldable wireless keyboard BSKBB15 by Buffalo comes with a stand for your tablet and operating on the 3.0 class2 Bluetooth version makes it an upbeat accessory to have for portability as well as ease of use in any situation. Measuring 297×95, 5×7, 5mm and weighting 155g, this compact folding keyboard works very well with any smartphone tablet or PC setup; giving you the liberty to carry around with ease.

All the keys are tactically placed and the keyboard recognizes hard strokes from the slight ones enabling it to reduce typo errors too. Buffalo BSKBB15 Keyboard comes in two color variants, silver and black which are very attractive and would match perfectly with your cool gadget setup. The compatible smartphone, tablet and PC platforms include iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad2, Android OS smartphone or tablet version 4.0 or higher, Windows 8, Mac OS 10.8 or earlier version of all the above mentioned.
The foldable Bluetooth keyboard is going to be up for sale from December at the price of $86.


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