Shot Note NUboard creates digitized neat handwritten notes of important data

Whenever you take important notes on an ordinary notebook or paper the chances are you might lose it or the text is destroyed due to spillage of liquid material. In these times you desperately wish you had a backup of all the notes in digitized format, even better in the same font and hand-written format as you have written it down. This Shot Note NUboard is the perfect accessory to carry around with you at all times as it seamlessly synchronizes (to Evernote, Twitter, Dropbox etc.) all the written data in a digitized format on your smartphone or tablet.

The notepad itself is an erasable paper white board surface that can be written off repeatedly. To capture the right area of the notepad the app automatically reads the marker at four corners of the board and to avoid any reflections in the shooting, a two layered structure with attached transparent sheet on top of each page.

The dedicated Shot Note app for the same allows you to perform automatic color correction and keystroke correction as well. The Shot Note NUboard will be available from 19th December in limited quantity for the price of 3045 Yen (37 dollars) and is noteworthy useful for people who have to take a lot of notes, like media persons.

Via: KingJim



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