Macro lens for your iPhone 5 can shoot extreme close-ups

Turning your iPhone 5 into a microscopic lens is a good idea but if you are lover of macro photography and can’t afford the expensive macro lens for your DSLR camera or the DSLR camera itself then you’ll be glad to read on. This 16x zoom and macro lens kit ZORE16MR for iPhone 5 is a set of macro lens attachment 220-fold and 60-fold zoom for the lens which gives immense zoom-in power to your iPhone 5’s default camera lens. The size case measures 125x60x13 mm and the magnification lens attachment weights 43 grams and the macro lens weights 127 grams. The kit also includes a tripod and tripod holder so that you can take steady shots at such extreme magnification levels.

Macro shooting is getting ever so popular with budding photographers and this macro lens kit for iPhone 5 is just the apt accessory to buy this holiday season and set out on a photography spree. The price tag of 4980 Yen ($ 67) is what you’ll have to spare to buy it and is every penny worth as it comes with a tripod attachment too.

Via: Kokan-lens



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