Strongest ever fasteners and connectors are here courtesy 3D printing

Demonstrating the potential of 3D printing and the kind of materials that can be produced using it, Rotite (company specializing in modular fixing technology) revealed their latest creation, sets of fasteners and connectors. Deemed as the strongest fasteners and connectors so far they can support the weight of a full adult without snapping. It almost reminds me of the starting scene of the Ace Ventura movie where the animal lover is unable to save life of the raccoon as the fastener snaps! All this strength is attributed to the strength of design provided by layered 3D printing method. Just like any other normal fastener or connector, these 3D printed fasteners consist of 2 small clips with male and female groove and when the two surfaces are interlocked by a 90 degree turn then it is virtually impossible to break it.

Via: WebProNews


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